Staphylococcus and infertility

I will like to state here that bacteria infections like staphylococcus, escheria coli, gonococcus, and kleps are major infections that can cause a lot of havoc in the male and female reproductive system thereby leading to low sperm count, weak erection, lack of sexual desires among married couple, penile and vaginal discharges, irritaitons in the male and female organ, lack of ovulation, unbalanced hormone,,irregular menstruation and at times miscarriages if at all there is conception.

For instance staphylococcus are upto 3 species as follows; (a)staph epidermidis which attacks the skin leading to boil and skin irritation and (b) staph saprophyticus which attacks the urinary tract leading to painful urination and biting sensation in the urinary tract and staph aureaus which destroys the immune system thereby leads to numerous symptoms as follows; It attacks the lung leading to staphylococcus pneumonia which eventually results to difficult breathing and cough condition. Staph also leads to meningitis, which is called brain infection leading to brain access and occasional forgetfulness.

Staphylococcus attacks the blood thereby leading to crawling and and biting sensations on the skin, staph attacks the bones, the muscles, and joints leading to general body weakness, muscular and joint pains and spasm. Staphylococcus also attacks the ovary, the womb and at times leading to tubal blockage, and therefore leads to female infertility.

Certain Medical analysts believe that this infection and other categories of infection could lead to hormonal imbalances thereby leading to a change in the menstrual cycle, scanty menses, and amenorrhea where there is no menses at all. Analysts believe that staphylococcus affects the sperm mortility and viscosity thereby leading to oligaspermia or azospermia where there is low sperm count or no ejaculation of spermatozoa at all and therefore leads to male infertility.

Staphylococcus are now resistant to certain antibiotics. Staphylococcus are bacteria infections. Staph infections can combine with other health issues and lead to male and female infertility. Amazingly last year, a secondary school teacher in her late fourties who had been married for well over 19 years without ever getting pregnant was brought to my clinic by her proprietress. She had fibroid, homonal imbalance and staphylococcal infection for serveral years without any solution as she had taken different medication to no avail.

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She followed her proprietress reluctantly to my office. She didnt have any faith at all as she was frustrated and refused to discuss her health problems with me. I only studied her medical result which she handed over to me reluctantly. She was persuaded and brought to my office by her proprietress. Within two months of taking the herbs she became pregnant while on the herbs and eventually had twin bouncing baby girls to the glory of God. We have many other testomonies which space in this column will not permit me to share now.

Let me quote Professor Franklin D. Lowy of the Columbian University who is a professor of medicine and a senior researcher in Staphylococcal organisms. Professor Lowy submitted according to his well founded research that staphylococcus is “uniquely adaptive” it is carried in the nose and can also spread from one person to the other.

According to him staph is highly promiscuous” According to certain experts, Staphylococcus which were not resistant to certain drugs as far back as 1970s has now become resistant to the same drugs, though they were still the drugs which were bactericidal {i.e able to destroy organism} these organisms in the time past. For the purpose of emphasis and for the benefit of new readers of this column, I will like to define staphylococcus again.

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Medically “Staphylococcus are any pathogenic bacteria, parastic to human that belong to the genus staphylococcus. The spherical bacteria cells (cocci) typically occur in irregular clusters (Gr. staphyle – bunch of grapes) the term staphyloccosi is also sometimes used loosely for the cluster arrangement itself and broadly for any bacteria with such a growth pattern. The pigments produced by staphylocococci are the basis of the names given to the various strains those with colors ranging from orange to yellow are designated Staph aureaus. Staph aureaus is the major specie of these infection which attacks human beings. They produce infection in any organ of the body such as staph pneumonia of the lungs, brain access etc.

The most common food poisoning is brought by staph contaminated food. The staph organsims also generate toxins and enzymes that can destroy both the red and white blood cells. I will like to submit that British Medical Journal Reported in February that 800 people died from drug resistant staph in 2002 vs 51 in 1993.

Cases have also spiked up in most part of the world. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S.A, staph resistant drugs doubled from 1987 to 1997. I decided to cite the above reference to counter the belief in the minds of certain people that staphylococcal infection is an infection for only Africans. This is absolutely wrong. According to sound knowledge, and information, staphylococcus is a worldwide health issue. We need more enlightenment to a health disaster which is now destroying and killing our people. Staphylococcus are not viral infections.

Research on certain herbs documented by Dr Hoffman, a former Lecturer at the University of Wales and the former president of American Guild of Herbalists are effective remedies in our staphylococcal treatment.

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